Current needs for health and well-being at work are glaring and multiple. There is a strong consensus around the gains associated with prevention and intervention in this area, particularly in terms of cost reduction, productivity and improving workers health. However, available data on best practices and effective mechanisms for disseminating information to employers are extremely rare. Documenting and disseminating best practices in evidence-based health and well-being at work is at the heart of OSMET's mission. In addition, taking into account the challenges posed by demographic changes, the Observatory proposes to focus on the needs of three important and very different groups of workers:

 Workers 50 years and older

With the population aging, there is pressure to keep people in the labor force longer, while seeking to delay the deterioration of their health in retirement. It is therefore important to establish, for example, how many years of healthy working conditions can slow the onset of health problems.




Early career employees

They are also a vulnerable group because they are more likely to experience symptoms of psychological distress, depression and burnout. It appears relevant and necessary to act concretely to increase the chances that they will remain active longer in the labor market and reach retirement in a better state of health.




Immigrant workers

Societies affected by an aging population rely more heavily on immigration to meet their labor needs. However, knowledge about working conditions and management practices that promote or degrade the mental and physical health of immigrants is very limited.




To achieve its objectives, the OSMET will establish: :

A large cohort of 5,000 employees and 100 companies, which will be followed every year over a period of 10 years. The data collected will help distinguish, over time, the work and non-work factors that promote the health and well-being of workers, and isolate the specific factors contributing to the situation of workers 50-year and older workers, early-career workers, as well as to immigrant workers.

Business help-desk: is a service that businesses can use to submit their questions about workplace health and wellness management and to receive timely evidence-based responses, with a view to strengthening their business capacity and to improve the health of their employees.

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